Fly Like An Eagle

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I’m free

I’ve always like this song. Classic 70’s rock. A little liberal, but hey, is it was 40 years ago and it’s all about the nostalgia. But I’m not writing about the song. I’m not even writing about eagles. I am writing about flying. So there’s the connection to get you to read below the fold.

The Transportation Safety Administration has established new guidelines for air travel that exempt immigrants currently in deportation proceedings from presenting the usual photographic ID at the checkpoint. They are not exempt from every kind of search, nor is there a prohibition on searching them more thoroughly.

Of course the TSA has arrived at the only reasonable and logical conclusion. After all, the right to travel freely unless one is in custody or otherwise restricted by judicial action is pretty basic. And the TSA is forced to deal with the fact that many states will not issue driver’s licenses or other ID to anyone who cannot show proof of citizenship or legal status. Neither do the feds when issuing Notices to Appear.

This still leaves millions of US residents unable to access air transportation. Of course most of them live on the economic margins of society, so air travel isn’t that much of an option. And of course, if one is not in proceedings, putting one’s head a bit too far above the parapet is a good way to get put into proceedings. The red tape it takes to get 30,000 feet above the parapet is a red flag for those who can afford it.

I’ve seen articles that complain that undocumented immigrants are being given “security amnesty” and others complain that undocumented immigrants have “immunity”. Some people find it unpleasant to pass through TSA checkpoints.  I have traveled a lot post-9/11 and with my prosthesis I have to be patted down and swabbed for bomb making materials every time and I don’t see what the big deal is. But for some folks is the a huge imposition on their liberty.

However, clearly the people writing these articles have no idea what amnesty or immunity are. No one is being forgiven a transgression in order to fly. Passing through the TSA checkpoint is not a prosecution to which one is otherwise subject, TEA Party hyperboles notwithstanding. In fact, the immigrants concerned have specifically not been granted any amnesty or immunity, because they have to produce a copy of their Notice to Appear in Immigration Court for removal proceedings.

In other words, of all the 13 million undocumented Americans, these are specifically in jeopardy of  losing whatever life they have built. They are in jeopardy of being separated from spouses and children. They have specifically been told by one department of the Executive Branch, “We don’t want you here, and we are going to do out best to convince another department of the Executive Branch (since you are not entitled to an independent judiciary like everyone else) to throw you out.”

It is funny that the same people that are one day pointing out that the TSA are useless and haven’t stopped a single terrorist are the next day suggesting that unless immigrants have proper ID, they could be terrorists. Honestly, you really can’t have it both ways.

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