Let the Reposting Begin

I’m trying to follow Michael Hyatt’s advice on using social media, as he seemed to have things pretty much together. He recently linked to Is Reposted Content the Secret to More Page Views? and while I don’t have access to the major reposting services mentioned there (yet, of course), I do have a lot of old content from previous blogs that I can move over here. I have had so many blogs that I had actually forgotten my most successful, until I met up again with an old blogging acquaintance, Steve Hayes, through Twitter.

So soon I will be adding some of the best of the old, to hopefully blend in with the new. I’m not the same person I was two, three, four, or seven years ago, and much of what I’ve written has been about what were then current events that no longer matter. But perhaps there are a few things otherwise lost in the annals of time and blogging that are worth digging up.

For my wife’s sake, I will try to avoid any of the significant controversies my blogging ┬ámay have generated in the past. (Like the time the British national press bombarded my then-employer, demanding to know if I really was being required to teach Islam in a certain way. Though admittedly, as a result I wasn’t required to teach against my conscience after that.)

I’m trying to be a more gentle, pastoral Dave – worthy of my grey goatee and the half-century mile marker just around the bend. At the same time, I want to challenge my readers to be vigorous and consistent and honest in their thinking and in the working out of their faith. And I want them to challenge me if I’m not.

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